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Botanical Garden of Rio & Parque Lage

A delightful 52 hectares of pure green area with cultural and, art programs.

Tour Details:

  • Daily Half Day Tour | Morning & Afternoon
  • Pick up and drop off at airport / Hotels or Cruise ship dock
  • Parque Laje
  • Lake with massive water lilies
  • Orchidarium
  • Bromeliads and Cacti
  • Japanese Garden
  • Water Lilies Lake
  • Environment museum and Espaço Tom Jobim
  • Bistro and coffee shop

Value per person:

SEDAN CAR  (1/2 pax)

  • 1 Person – R$750,00
  • 2 Person – R$375  Each one


  • 3/4  – R$302,00 p/p
  • 5/10 – R$200,00 p/p
  • 11/16 – R$150,00 p/p

Botanical Garden of Rio & Parque Lage Tour

The first  Botanical gardens appeared in Europe in the sixteenth century with the aim of studying medicinal plants. By means of the cultivation and the herborization of the species with therapeutic potentials, it was sought to identify and prove their assets. They were thus formed as first collections of plants for scientific purposes. 

Parque Laje – At the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, not far from Botanical Garden lays Parque Lage, a delightifull 52 hectares of pure green area with cultural and art programs. You, for shure, will fall in love with this place!

The botanical gardens have changed their scope of performance, but have not abandoned their initial vocation – The flora research.

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (JBRJ) was founded on June 13, 1808.

It is started with a decision by the Portuguese prince D. João to install a powder factory and a garden for the acclimatization of plant species originating from other parts of the world.

Today, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden’s Research Institute is a federal body linked to the Ministry of the Environment and is one of the most important research centers in the world in the areas of botany and biodiversity conservation.

Botanical gardens are institutions that aim at research, plant conservation, and education. Considered as living museums, their collections allow society to know the biodiversity and importance of plants for life on the planet.

The collections of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro are developed in several actions. Researchers from the institution travel to the natural environment to collect plant samples.

In the Seed Laboratory, seeds are processed and studied and stored in refrigeration chambers; the surpluses are sent to the Horto Florestal for the production of seedlings.

Guided visit by historical and ecological attractions, monuments and trails of the priceless collection of Brazilian and exotic flora located in the south of Rio. From Dom João VI to our days.

You will walk along routes that mix culture and nature in the midst of the 55 hectares of green space open to visitation with the accompaniment of specialized tourism guides accredited by the Ministry of Tourism / Embratur.

We combine Botanical Garden of Rio & Parque Lage

At the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, Parque Lage delights with 52 hectares of pure green, cultural and art programs.

Originating from an old sugar mill, the park makes part of the historical memory of the city. In 1957, it was tumbled by the “Instituto do PatrimônioHistórico e ArtísticoNacional” (IPHAN) like as historical and cultural heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Projected in 1840 by the English landscaper John Tyndale, the wonderful garden with Romantic and European style share the attention with the native forest of Mata Atlântica. Also highlight the imperial palm tree, the rivers, and artificial island, apart from caves spread over the park and the inlaid aquarium on the walls with a lot of fishes. So wanted by families, especially on the weekends, Parque Lage has a good structure good structure for the amusement of children with toys and a large outdoor area. A picnic is very common in the park.

The main edification of the space, a big house of the XIX century, the Visual art school, works in Parque Lage (EAV), which offers free formation to beginner artists, training courses in art for youth, plus an intense program of exhibitions, seminars, lectures and video shows. EAV also have a library and auditorium with capacity for 150 people. On the main mansion courtyard by the pool, the BistrôPlage offers a delicious breakfast, more lunch, and dinners with an organic product which can be savored with the art and music events that happen on the place every year. In several weekends, Parque Lage crosses the down with art parties and festivals and music sponsored by initiative private and public.

You need:

  • To wear light clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Take a bottle of mineral water
  • Don’t forget to put on tons of Sunscreen
  • Always take your camera 😉

The Rio’s Botanical Garden was created on June 13th, 1808 by D. João VI.  Tea, cloves, and cinnamon were some of the first ones to be brought to Brazil to acclimatize.  It is a live museum with over 6 thousand plant species. The Park also is an excellent place to observe the birds, there are more than a hundred different species in the crowns and trunks of its trees.

Parque Lage is the favorite place for people in love.


  • 4hs Half Day  Tour
  • Driver and Tour guide at disposal
  • Private transportation


  • Meals
  • Entrance Tickets

Botanical Garden of Rio & Parque Lage

Botanical Garden of Rio & Parque Lage

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